A little about Karey

Karey Northington is a stay- at- home mom turned serial entrepreneur. Karey has created multiple fitness businesses and owned a fast-casual healthy eating concept, PROTEINHOUSE Gilbert. Karey is an advanced practice nurse (AGNP 2023) and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is passionate about helping others transform their lives mentally, physically, and financially. She is a 3 x fitness cover model, writer, and speaker. Of all the hats she wears, being a mom is her favorite.

I became a mom in 2010. It was the most rewarding experience of my life. As a mom, I felt immense guilt wanting to take care of myself- especially working out. I realized that with a full cup, I could take care of everyone a thousand times better. I also loved the physical changes I noticed eating well and exercising. The confidence changed how I conducted myself- I started setting boundaries, and I went after things I wanted. I stopped believing the programming I was taught- views on work, money, and relationships, to name a few. We absorb so much unconsciously that forms our thoughts and feelings. I launched my first digital business in 2013. I started constructing my dream life- a flexible schedule to see a lot of youth baseball games at the top of the list.

I opened PROTEINHOUSE Gilbert in 2017 and launched a variety of other projects and income streams. My favorite thing to do is to help others transform their lives in ways they never thought possible- to show people the magic that they all hold inside.

I want to help you do that. I want that for you, too.