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If you feel like you are “spinning your wheels” when it comes to your health and fitness journey, I’m here to help so you can finally quit the gimmicks and get the results you deserve.

“I really feel like I’m making SUSTAINED changes in all areas of my life (marriage, self, career, kids) as opposed to patching holes with a cheap band-aid”…

Jenn Linck, Cherry Hill, NJ

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You’re so busy with work or being a mama that you lost your “mojo“?

And fell into this trap:

Putting everyone before you, forgetting to take care of yourself

Waking up stressed and restless, then going through an entire day lacking energy

Feeling like you don’t recognize the person in the mirror

Thinking the key to weight loss is hours of cardio each week on top of a tasteless diet and you know that is not for you

Shedding a few pounds time and time again only to put it back on

I know exactly how that goes.

Just shy of a decade ago I was in the same situation.

A newborn son who LOVED to keep me up all night? Check.

Lacking confidence and avoiding social situations? Check.

Refusing to wear shorts or sleeveless tops- let alone a bikini? Check.

Feeling like there weren’t enough hours in the day? Check.

I finally found the answer- nutrition customized to my lifestyle- and I’d love to introduce you to my FitFormula so you can experience the same freedom.

I’m here to teach you how to incorporate the foods you love, continue to meet friends for Happy Hour, and frequent your favorite restaurants while reaching your fitness goals.

Most of us fail to get into the best shape of our lives- and feel our best- because we are missing 3 key components for success.

Too strict of a diet!

Most plans are very strict and are not sustainable. When we hit our goals, we don’t know how to maintain our results. Learning how to diet flexibly solves this problem.


We have a schedule full of youth sporting events & school functions then are fooled into thinking we need to spend hours in the gym to get the body we want so why would we even try?


We dread working out because we’ve been told we have to do a program we hate which leaves us exhausted & dreading to show up the next day (or ever)

Here are some results from our clients:

After years of following Karey and NFN on social media, I finally decided to tryout the online coaching. I was not familiar with online coaching and had no idea what to expect. Then Karey came into my life! Ultimately I ate more, worked out less and created healthy lifestyle habits that I could easily live with. 6 weeks into the challenge I was down 8lbs and in the best shape of my life. I had confidence I didn’t know I was lacking.”

Deseree Aguillen, California